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The Cuillin Hills Skye
21 December 2012

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Madonna Or Not
16 November 2012

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Rolls Royce
5 August 2012

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30 October 2011

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Large Red Damselfly
20 October 2011

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10 May 2011

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1 June 2010

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Find The Gin
21 April 2009

Recent Comments

Elli Schoop on Peel castle Isle Of Man
.... And Aunt Anne

Elli Schoop on Peel castle Isle Of Man
That's my family! Mum, Dad, Grandparents, my sister Alice and her three children

Colin on Roker Pier Sunderland
Brilliant post work. Marvelous image

Jules on Steph
Nadolig Llawen

Eric Cousineau on Steph
A very creative and playful shot Peter! ;-)

Mariana Maoduš on Steph
oh, dear ... that is no fun ;)

Nigel on Steph
Super creation.......

Elaine Hancock on Faye
Nice light! She has a lovely smile!

franz on Bloxwich Chapel
love the crop, the frame and the processing!

franz on Faye
cool ... i guess she likes it, despite her head looking a bit askew ... ;-)

omid on Faye
:) Amazing shot!

Eric Cousineau on Faye
A valient effort Peter but somehow it does not seem natural! ;-)

Hiro on Faye
Shoot me !

Curly on Faye
Nice try Peter, but I think her head would have been better placed flipped horizontally to face to the right. Looks a ...

Curly on Bloxwich Chapel
Great foreground lead in, nice shot.

Nigel on Faye
You've blended her head in to the scene very well.

Eric Cousineau on Bloxwich Chapel
A wonderfully serene image Peter! ;-)

Elaine Hancock on Bloxwich Chapel
Beautiful perspective. Those headstones are so ornate. Wonderful image!

Nigel on Bloxwich Chapel
Lovely image

franz on The Cuillin Hills Skye
gorgeous monochrome of this extraordinary place! very appealing presentation, too !

Elaine Hancock on The Cuillin Hills Skye
Beautiful landscape and I love that sky! Wonderful b&w!

Ana Lúcia on The Cuillin Hills Skye
B/W is a right choice in this shot.

Mariana Maoduš on The Cuillin Hills Skye
beautiful landscape

Nigel on The Cuillin Hills Skye
Love the framing - really good composition

CarineB on The Cuillin Hills Skye
Like a painting, great shot, congrats !!

Soheil on The Cuillin Hills Skye
great shot

Nigel on Black Mountains Of Skye
Love them both - well done.

Harry on Black Mountains Of Skye
Two lovely treatments of the same frame.

Elaine Hancock on Black Mountains Of Skye
Well, this was a hard decision! They are both beautiful. The landscape is just gorgeous. I think I like the color one ...

Eric Cousineau on Black Mountains Of Skye
Both are wonderful Peter; however my preference is the colour version! Well done! ;-)

omid on Black Mountains Of Skye
wooooooow! very nice! very nice & wonderful!!!!

Marie-Line on Black Mountains Of Skye
It's a beautiful place and a fantastic shot! I prefer the color one. Thanks

Elaine Hancock on Lichfield Cathedral
Absolutely beautiful! The reflection is gorgeous. Wonderful frame.

omid on Lichfield Cathedral
woow! very nice & wonderful! so beautiful frame, colors, lights & reflections!

Curly on Lichfield Cathedral
Excellent view and a good exposure Peter, here's a great tutorial for making yourself a new transparent watermark.

Mariana Maoduš on Lichfield Cathedral
Wonderful frame . A real post-card !

CarineB on Lichfield Cathedral
Nice reflection well composition.

Sylvie on Lichfield Cathedral
beautiful !

Nigel on Lichfield Cathedral
Nicely captured

Elaine Hancock on Stratford Car Museum #6
This is such a good looking car! Beautiful image!

Curly on Stratford Car Museum #6
This would still turn heads today :-)

Nigel on Stratford Car Museum #6
Wonder if this model was ever actually produced ?

Elaine Hancock on Stratford Car Museum #5
Beautiful old car! Great processing!

Paul on Stratford Car Museum #5

Eric Cousineau on Stratford Car Museum #5
Excellent pp treatment here Peter! A true classic! ;-)

Mariana Maoduš on Stratford Car Museum #5
great processing !

Curly on Stratford Car Museum #5
Great pictures Peter, I'm loving the sheen and reflections on the metalwork in all of them.

Nigel on Stratford Car Museum #5
Classic in it's time

Hiro on Stratford Car Museum #4
Happy New Year !

Elaine Hancock on Stratford Car Museum #4
Wow! Pretty amazing! I would like to see it in motion!

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